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"I am deeply moved by the style of Komodo. In my opinion it's the perfect combination between computer accuracy and human positional understanding. I get the feeling it's taken positional understanding to the next level. After such an impressive performance I am going to test Komodo in my future work, especially in very positional play, and am really looking forward to working with it."

- GM Boris Avrukh

"I am extremely impressed by Komodo's play. I watched and analyzed every game and it was absolutely flawless positional chess, the likes of which has never been seen before by an engine... or human. Komodo clearly outplayed the other programs in the TCEC tournament."

- GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

The World's #1 Chess Program!!

Komodo is at the top of all major chess rating lists (CEGT, CCRL, IPON) and is the reining TCEC champion.

Komodo mastermind GM Larry Kaufman introduces Komodo 10

This option is for chess players who need the strongest possible engine. We release updates to Komodo three to five times per year. The subscription is basically Komodo 11.01 plus these 3-5 updates for a discount. [...]

We have just released Komodo 10. It is about 60 elo stronger than Komodo 9 and includes several new parameters. Komodo 10 is free for those with active subscriptions. Non subscribers may order it at full price, or, if they have purchased Komodo 9 or later, at a 20% discount.

May 14, 2018

What is the 'Komodo 10 + one year subscription'?

This option is for chess players who need the strongest possible engine. We release updates to Komodo three to five times per year. The subscription is basically Komodo 10 plus these 3-5 updates for a discount.

What you get you get:

  • Komodo 10 + all new versions of Komodo we publish within one year of your order.
  • As an added bonus all previous version of Komodo.

Compatable GUIs

  • Chessbase
  • Fritz
  • Aquarium
  • Chess Assistant
  • Hiarcs Chess Explorer
  • Shredder (Classic)
  • Arena

System requirements

Minimum: Pentium III 500 MHz, 192 MB ram

Operating system: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX 10.5.8 or higher (Android version available only from Google).

Note: Komodo does not include a 'chessboard'. See Installation instructions.


Komodo 10 is about 15 Elo stronger than Komodo 9.4, and is expected to top most of the rating lists. Gains come from improved search, evaluation, time management and more efficient use of multiprocessing.

Komodo is three-time TCEC champion, the most prestigious online computer chess event, and has also won several CCT events. Komodo has won a four game match giving various substantial handicaps to World Champion Candidate and U.S. Champion Hikaru Nakamura.

Komodo supports Syzygy tablebases and is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.


  • Evaluation developed by a Grandmaster
  • Multi-core support (up to 64 cores) [...]
  • Chess 960 (Fischer Random Chess) support
  • Persistent Hash lets you save Komodo's analysis of a position so you can come back later and resume analysis, saving you time
  • Dynamism (new) lets you control how willing Komodo will be to make long-term sacrifices of material or pawn structure for dynamic play.

Change log

Komodo 10 (May 18, 2016)

  • Added 'Magnify', a UCI option which multiplies the final eval by the given percentage
  • Revised Pawn Storm
  • Revised King Safety
  • Revised LMR
  • Revised Contempt
  • Adjusted Null Move constants
  • Revised IID
  • Edited documentation

Komodo 9.4 (March 18, 2016)

  • (new UCI parameter) 'Contempt for White' makes Contempt useful for analysis, by consistently assigning contempt to one color rather than to the player on move.
  • (new UCI parameter) 'Dynamism' gives the user control over how actively Komodo will play (at the expense of long-term factors).
  • Many search changes
  • MP changes
  • Speedups
  • New eval terms
  • Improved King Safety
  • Improved passed pawn scoring

Komodo 9.3 (November 26, 2015)

  • As usual, the gains come from many areas. Many eval weights were re-tuned, some free speedups were found, lmr was refined, and a change was made to MP search. The readme file has more details.
  • Revised Contempt
  • Improved Selectivity
  • Tuning many eval terms plus some new ones
  • Several MP changes
  • Better time management
  • Stricter extension rules

Komodo 9.2 (August 21, 2015)

  • New Contempt replaces Drawscore
  • Major re-tuning of most eval and many search parameters
  • Improved in time management
  • Improved move-ordering
  • Increased weight on all "dynamic" terms

Komodo 9.1 (June 20, 2015)

  • Komodo searches faster due to optimizations in the program's code
  • Detailed improvements (for those of you ultra-technical chess engine geeks who want to see what's changed under the hood: New Endgame term, Revised LMR rules, Re-tuned eval terms, More efficient hash table, Revision to King Safety, Improved MP scaling, Improved trade-down incentives, Revised Selectivity Default, Improved Persistent Hash, Better fen position parser

Komodo 9 (May 6, 2015)

  • Komodo was modified to ignore GUIs that repeatedly send the same commands. This was done to deal with the Aquarium GUI, which sends repeatedly sends Chess 960 commands with each new move. When receiving this command, Komodo 9 thinks the game type is changing, and clears its hash table, which reduces play quality.
  • The sudden death time control was improved.
  • The Windows 32 bit compile was modified to properly handle multiple threads.

Note to people who purchased Komodo 9, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, or 9.4 on Thanks for your continued support. You get a 20% discount.

The discount is applied during checkout

*If you bought Komodo 9.4 on, or after, May 5th we'll give you Komodo 10 free! Log in to your account to download Komodo 10